AMD vs Intel processor

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Witch processor is best?

The processor is a hart of your pc. But the problem is the witch processor you buy. In the market, you get two brands of processors amd processor and intel processor. This two company is sall best processor, but witch one is the batter amd processor vs intel processor, You can’t select the processor.
The first most important part is the price is low as compare to intel. AMD is a chipper but they give that level of performance comper to Intel. AMD gets high power consumption. they give low speed but at this time speed is very high.AMD is a high heating problem but the most important is the cost is low and performance must be equal.AMD is an unlocked chip.
Gaming and streaming
you buy AMD processor for gaming as well as streaming then you go for only AMD processor because they give multi-threading .the give multi-tasking patience hear I give various processor for gaming and streaming
Ryzen 5 1600, Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 5 3600, and you get high budget then you go for Ryzen 7 series
The first most important part is the price of the processor because the Intel processor cost is very high as comper to AMD. Intel is costly but they give better performance as comper to AMD.Intel gives low power consumption. Intel gives high speed as comper to AMD. In the intel, you get low heating problems ( house bill is low ). You buy the laptop then I suggest to go Intel processor. Intel is not an unlocked chip.
Gaming and Streaming
You play games and you build a gaming PC then you get the best processor that is get better performance on Intel processor for gaming and Intel speed is very high. you buy the processor for gaming but you can’t get this processor for streaming .Intel processor are not that level of given performers in streaming. Gaming as well as streaming that lode can’t handle Intel processor because in Intel can’t give multi-threading in processor and for streaming, you get multitasking to work as well as you can’t get multi-threading (6 cores and 12 threads ). I give various processors for gaming i3,i5,i7 etc
You buy a processor for gaming or other work then you buy the Intel processor and you buy a processor for gaming and streaming work then you must go for AMD processor.
amd processor vs intel processor witch one is best your PC ?
Both processors are best but you use for normal work and gaming then you go for Intel. And you use for gaming, editing and streaming then you go for AMD. You select the processor according to the work.

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