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5 best RGB gaming Mouse

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In 2020 best budget gaming PC build in 20,000

you are gamer you build gaming PC build around 20,000 and This PC is futureproof and you don;t know about components then.

Apex Legends launch new season 5 trailar

Apex Legends launch new season 5 trailar with new character Loba.In this Season you see Quests, a bountiful new Battle Pass and etc.

8 best gaming laptops in 2020

You are a gamer and you play games any time and any place that’s why i suggest 9 best gaming laptops in 2020 at the best price.

Full info about select laptops?

How to select best laptops you are employed oe student and you can’t stay in one place and you can’t have space in your house and you get compatibility

Gaming and streaming PC build with Peripherals in 60K

You build PC for gaming as well as streaming with Peripherals in 60,000 rupess.I suggest the best components and peripherals in the budget .

Gaming and streaming PC build with Peripherals in 60K

best gaming PC builfd as well as streaming PC with Peripherals in 60,000 rupess.I suggest the best components and peripherals in the budget .

Intel launch new 10 gen destop processor

Intel launch new processor and AurosZ490 motherboard. You are a budget gamer and high and performance gamer then in Intel launch a new 10 gen processor.

Assassin creed launch new trailer in 2020

Assassin creed launch trailer in 30,April. Assassin creed game series is very popular all over the world.Today live launch a trailer

NVIDIA launch new software RTX voice in 2020

Full info about RTX voice software how to use in your PC and how to use this software in GTX graphics card PC.download this software in easy way.

how to download free Apex Legends on yor PC?

you are a gamer and you try many times to download Apex Legends in third party website and you download Apex Legends in easy way.

AMD lounch new budget Procesor in 2020

In 2020 AMD launch new 7nm process technology and based on second-gen.This two processor are lounch date and specification.

Ryzen gaming PC build in 25,000

You are a gamer and you think a new PC build under 25,000 budget. this budget you can’t afford any graphics card then what to do. You buy an integrated graphics processor but you have already any graphics card then you can’t buy an integrated graphics processor. You buy a PC in the long term then you invest more money.

How to overclock AMD?

How to overclock AMD cpu at home.Normally we can’t overclock the processor but in case you get better performance then you overclock the processor.Before you overclock you get sum awareness in overclocking the processor.

How to update bios in motherboard

You have the latest processor and you attach with the old motherboard and your motherboard is not able to support your latest technology processor then what to do. In this time you choose two ways 1. You buy a new motherboard. 2. You update the bios of your motherboard.

witch one is best desktop vs laptop?

You are buying DESKTOP or LAPTOP but you don’t know which one can you buy .befor you buy a desktop or laptop first you choose the category like you are a college student or gamer, employ etc.befor you buy desktop or laptop you see the budget.

Gaming and streaming PC build around 1,00,000

You build gaming and streaming PC build around 1,00,000.Then you buy best product and build PC.You are buy for gaming and streaming then you go for AMD .In streaming, you get multi-threading and better GPU to get the best gaming and streaming performance

free pc games download

You download free games and invest your internet in trusted websites for download free games then steam is a better option for paid and free games download and other software is used for games download. Here I give some free games from steam then download

Assassin creed games download free

assassin's creed game download

You are download assassin creed games free then you click this link and download game easy way and how to install pc games

Info about CPU cooling

CPU is the brain of your PC. The CPU use without any cooling unit like air cooling and liquid cooling then the CPU is a fire in 10 sec. Most improtant part for gaming and streaming, you use CPU

How to select motherboard?

You build PC at home and you don’t know how to select PC components.All parts you select but the motherboard selection is not easy then how to select motherboard.Before you select motherboard you select the processor because INTEL and AMD processors are different chipsat.You select INTEL or AMD then you select motherboard.

Best monitor for better performance

you buy the monitor for your setup. Many things you see before buying a monitor like resolution, IPS or VA or TN panel, and other specifications you must see. I suggest sum monitor for gaming and streaming and other work. The most important part is comfort because your eyes are the most important part of your body.

How to install windows at home ?

You Build a PC at home and you build pc but you don’t know about windows installation. How to install windows on my PC. Windows installation is free os cost. That is not a difficult workflow sum steps show ib below and easy to install windows.

Gaming PC build

You buy PC for  gaming then you go for Intel processor but you are play games as well as stream that game then you can’t go for Intel .How to select processor for you PC build.In PC you buy the many components from online or offline market then how to choose the components for your PC .I give  suggestions  for gaming PC build under 45000 .This PC build is Intel base build.


the graphics card is the most important part of your pc and you are a gamer as well as streamer then you must get a better graphics card, but the problem is the witch graphics card you purchase for your gaming and streaming.witch graphics card you buy AMD or NVIDIA. These two brands compete. How is best.

Best CPU for gaming and streaming

You buy the gaming as well as a streaming processor. witch processor you choose. When streaming, especially at 1080p, a good processor is critical to maintaining a steady stream and gaming performance and best processor under 20,000.Normal streamers use multiple apps at the same time. We’ve AMD processors that maximize performance and support the best features that streamers need.

How to select PSU for your PC?

The most important part is the witch power supply(PSU) you buy for your PC. How to select Power supply (PSU) and how much required wattage in your pc components. How to calculate the required power for your PC.You can’t buy the chipper power supply. In the market or another website, the Chipper PSU price is low. they use chains and chip capacitors and sell chip prices. You buy only branded PSU because of that PSU giveS better performance as a camper chipper PSU. I suggest the sum power supply (PSU) below.

Gaming and streaming PC build

You buy PC for gaming and streaming then you must go for AMD processor because AMD is giving better performaPnce in streaming better then INTEL(AMD vs INTEL). This PC build not included peripherals.


The processor is a hart of your pc. But the problem is the witch processor you buy. In the market, you get two brands of processors AMD and Intel. This two company is sal best processor, but witch one is the batter, You can’t select the processor.

Info about PC components

Full info about PC build,how to select PC components and witch specification you see in components.There are sum specification you check on your PC components.Before you build a PC, you check pc components specification. How to select components for your pc build and witch specification you get for your pc.

How to build PC at home

You mack pc at home. You buy components on different websites and mack pc at home and you can’t build pc. then  i give full info about pc build at home.

Ryzen PC build

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is the 2ed gen processor. This processor is used in gaming or streaming and editing work . In this processor, we get 6core and 12thread and base clock:3.2 GHz and max boost clock: up to 3.6GHz
and 19MB cache memory. This processor is used in gaming and streaming.this processor is lunch in 2017.

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