How to build PC at home?

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Hello friends, Today I quickly give info about PC build. You think You build a PC at home and you don’t know about PC build. In PC you get different PC components like processor, GPU, RAM, SSD/HDD, PSU. These PC components buy from the online market as a wall as an offline market. I suggest you buy the best Components at the best price. You get the best price for components in the online market then you buy in amazon or Flipkart. You get the best price from the offline market then you buy components.

You think to build PC at home then you must have these components and other products –

You build PC at home then you buy Processor with stock cooler, Motherboard, GPU(graphic card), RAM, SSD/HDD, PSU (power supply unit, and cabinet. You get full setup then you also buy peripherals like monitor, mouse, keyboard. 

Thermal pest -

The thermal pest is using in the processor. before you build PC first you check processor because in the processor you also get thermal pest. In some processor, the thermal pest is giving in the stock cooler but some processor can’t have thermal pest. You buy thermal pest from amazon or offline market.
The thermal pest is using for instantly heat transfer from the processor to the heatsink. Heatsink connects with one fane and that’s call stock cooler. The processor decreases heat using the stock cooler. You solve this heating problem using thermal pest. Without using thermal pest your processor is burned.

STEP 1 –

Unbox the motherboard and processor.keep the motherboard in Motherboard box.then after opening the processor socket in the motherboard and compear the triangles in the processor and motherboard and fix the processor. Then after you use thermal pest but the thermal pest already gives in the stock cooler then you can’t use another thermal pest. Then after the fix stock cooler and stock cooler wire fix in (CPU FAN PORT).

STEP 2 –

The next component fix in the motherboard is RAM. Compear the cutout in ram slot and ram then Fix the ram in motherboard RAN SLOT. You easily fix the RAM on the motherboard.


STEP 3 –

The nest step is to OPEN the cabinet and fix the IO shield ib cabinet and then fix the motherboard in the cabinet using the bolts.

STEP 4 –

Then after fixing graphics card in the motherboard (connect the graphics card in graphics card slot).



Then after time to connect the PSU (POWER SUPPLY UNIT). In PSU you get the wires to connect in the motherboard.

power supply unit (PSU) wires

24 pine wire connect in the motherboard(find the power connector port in motherboard)

CPU cable connector wire connects to the CPU power connector(find the CPU power connector port in motherboard)

SATA cable connect in HDD/SSD to the motherboard (find the seta port in motherboard)

power pin connect HDD OR SSD(find power pin wire in PSU )

4,6,8 pin connector in the graphic card (find the wire in PSU connect in graphic card)

STEP 6 –

CABINET WIRES connect on the motherboard

USB 3.0,USB 2.0,HD ADIO,INTERNAL USB,AND ETC (Find the all port in mother bord)

USB 3.0 wire connect to the motherboard

USB 2.0 wire connect to the motherboard

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