Intel Alder Lake-S 16 Core & 24 Thread Desktop Processor Spotted on Geekbench, based on 10nm

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Alder Lake-S 16 Core & 24 Thread Desktop Processor
Recently, We got a new leak of Intel’s next-generation Alder Lake-S Desktop Processor which was spotted in the Geekbench database Via   TUM_APISAK
In features, the Processor has a total of 16 cores and 24 threads. The actual partition of the cores consists of 8 Golden Cove cores with 16-threads and 8 Gracemont cores with 8-threads. The Alder Lake-S Processor a Base frequency of 1.38 GHz but The maximum frequency reported at 17.6 GHz is just an error, and it should probably be the turbo frequency of the same cores. The Chip also features 30 MB of L3 cache and 12.5 MB of L2 cache.
In the test platform, The Intel Alder Lake-S Processor was tested on the internal Intel Alder Lake-S ADP-S DDR4 CRB platform which should consist of an LGA 1700 socketed motherboard. The motherboard is equipped with 16GB of memory though we cannot confirm yet if that was DDR4 or DDR5.
In terms of performance, The Intel Alder Lake-S Processor scored 996 points in single-core performance and 6931 points in multi-core performance.

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