Intel Core i9-11900 Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Benchmarks Leak Out

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Recently  @9550pro share new leaks of Intel’s Core i9-11900 which is an upcoming 8 Core Rocket Lake-s Desktop CPU. The processor has been tested with CPU-Z software.
According to the leak, Intel’s Core i9-11900 ES (Engineering Sample) has been tested on MSI Z490I (UNIFY?) motherboard, which is a Mini-ITX with an LGA1200 socket. This motherboard support both the 11th Gen Core and 10th Gen Core processors.
The Intel Core i9-11900 is an 8-core and 16-thread processor that features a 1.8 GHz base clock, 3.8 GHz multi-core turbo, and 4.4 GHz single-core turbo frequency.
In terms of performance, The processor scored 582 points in single-threaded and 5262 points in multi-thread performance in benchmark into CPU-Z software which almost matches the Core i9-10900K. actually, This CPU is slower than the Core i7-10700 CPU, which offers around 5435 points.

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