AMD Frank Azor teases something to come out tomorrow on September 10th- is it Big Navi

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Recently, AMD’s Chief Gaming Architect and Marketing Frank Azor published a message on Twitter. The tweet indicates that something might happen tomorrow (on September 10). Despite the tweet being rather long, it does not provide any meaningful information as to the nature of the teaser.
We do, however, expect to see another teaser for Big Navi or something related to Zen3 (pure speculation). It could happen in the form of an update to the AMD Battle Arena map in Fortnite. Just recently AMD sponsored streamer discovered that the map contains hints related to the Big Navi graphics card. The Easter Egg required completion of a few steps such as entering a 6000 passcode to see a message “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING TO THE AMD BATTLE ARENA!”. This message has more or less confirmed that the next-generation Navi is codenamed RX 6000 series.
Frank Azor has later said on Twitter that there might be more hidden in the game that has not yet been discovered. So far, no one has had success in finding more information about Big Navi ( NAVI 2X ).

"The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow!
I love ya tomorrow!
You're always
A day

— Frank Azor (@AzorFrank) September 9, 2020

Right under your noses 🙂 got to wonder what else we've already put out there that you just haven't discovered yet…

— Frank Azor (@AzorFrank) September 4, 2020

MD has not informed their board partners about the potential unveiling of the new GPUs yet. As we have heard, everything is being discussed internally. A lack of such communication means that Big Navi is still being kept a secrete even from AIBs. Virtually any information about Big Navi graphics cards will certainly steal some spotlight from the ongoing GeForce RTX 30 Ampere launch.
The series launch in a gradual fashion with the first model coming September 17th and the last being somewhere in October (NVIDIA only confirmed a month for RTX 3070).

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