AMD Navi 21, 22, and 23 GPU Massive Technical Specifications Leak, specs of upcoming AMD APUs

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Technical specifications of AMD’s upcoming Navi 21, 22, and 23 GPUs have leaked out via Reddit user stable. The data provides the most basic speciations for upcoming Graphics cards and APUs such as Compute Unit count, boosts clocks, and power targets. The values were extracted from macOS 1 1 beta already containing the firmware for the ‘AMD Radeon RX6000’ series.
As per the leaked table, we can see that the Navi 21 (likely the RX 6900 XT) GPU would allegedly feature up to 80 Compute Units (5120 Stream Processors if each CU has 64 cores). The variant listed in macOS11 appears to have a boost clock at 2050 MHz with Navi 21A variant and up to 2.2 GHz with Navi 21B variant. The Radeon Navi 21B would have a shader performance of 22.5 TFLOPs. For comparison, the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 Graphics card has a single-precision compute performance of 29.8 TFLOPs.

Navi 22: 40 Compute Units, 2.5 GHz boost clock, and 12.8 TFLOPs of compute

The mid-tier GPU in a lineup Navi 22 will feature 40 CUs. This is (assuming the same CU to SP ratio) 2560 shader cores. The Graphics card is expected to be an RDNA2 version of mid-range graphics for the upcoming RX 6700 series GPUs. The Navi 22 GPU is listed with a (maximum) GPU clock of 2.5 GHz, so even higher than Navi 21. The high clock rate also helps the GPU punch way above its weight class and clock in a massive 12.8 TFLOPs of compute. This is a performance that is slightly more than the Xbox Series X and more than enough for 4k gaming.

Navi 23 GPU – 32 Compute Units

They also include NAVI 23 GPU In this firmware List. As per Data, we can conclude that the full number of CUs is 32 (so around 2048 Stream Processors). The frequency charts are not featured the firmware yet.


The leaks also cover the specs of upcoming AMD APUs. The long-discussed Cezanne is the upcoming Zen3 based mobile architecture, featuring identical an identical core configuration to Renoir. The series is expected to feature up to 8 CUs (Compute Units) of GCN (Vega) graphics and up to 8 CPU cores.
The Van Gogh will be the first architecture to feature RDNA2 GPU Architecture. It would retain the same number of Compute Units as Renoir and Cezanne – up to 8.
The Last Rembrandt will be a successor to Cezanne. The series would rely on RDNA2 graphics and a new fabrication process ( maybe to be 6nm (rumor)).
The leak only covers the GPU configuration of the architecture, but one would guess that a more efficient node and next-gen graphics will provide a substantial boost to AMD mobile offer.

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