AMD new graphic card RDNA 2(Big Navi, Navi 2x): launch date, and specification

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In 2020 we saw many rumors and revels in PC games and PC components. Recently we also hearing rumors about RDNA2 (Big Navi) Graphic cards. You also know about AMD new graphic card RDNA2 (Big Navi) graphic card because PS 5, and XBOX series X also use the RDNA 2 (Big Navi) graphic card. You also know about three best and popular games rivals and launch dates for PC and next-gen consoles.
The AMD new graphic card RDNA 2 (Big Navi) base on 7nm process Nord and also give hardware-level ray tracing support. This RDNA2 ( Big Navi ) graphics card is more power-efficient as comper to First-Gen Navi graphics cards. In RDNA 2 ( Big Navi ) graphic card, You get a common architecture in PC and next-gen consols then performance is also the same. You will experience 4K gaming on PC with 60+FPS. The RDNA 2 ( Big Navi ) GPUs delivered a massive 50% increase in performance per watt but as comper to RDNA 1 GPUs.
We can’t get exact launch dates of RDNA 2 graphic cards but as per rumors and TweakTown, The RDNA 2 ( Big Navi ) graphic card launch in November 2020. You also know about new Nvidia new cards ampere RTX 3000 series GPUs and The RTX 3000 series launch on September 2020.

Specification of RDNA 2 ( Big Navi)

The RDNA 2 (Big Navi) graphic card base on 7nm process Nord and also give hardware-level ray tracing support. As per the leak, Big Navi will sport two clusters of computing units measuring in at 36CUs each, giving it a total of 72CUs. As per Tom’s Guide, The RDNA 2 ( Big Navi ) translates to 4,608 stream processors, which when combined with a 384-bit bus, GDDR6 video memory, and a maximum clock speed of 2,510MHz. The GPU game clock is 2.05GHz and the GPU boost clock is 2.15GHz in RDNA 2 ( Big Navi) graphic card. As per TweakTown, The power usage of this graphic card is 300w or so. The Performance od RDNA 2 graphic card is 40-50% faster than RTX 2080 Ti, 100% faster than RX 5700 XT.
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