Apex legends Season 7 PATCH NOTES reveal the New lagend, new Map, new vehicle, and battel pass

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Season 7 launches November 4th at 8 PM PT and it’s our biggest season yet for Apex Legends! Join the designers as they discuss all the new stuff coming in Season 7 and breakdown some of the bigger changes coming to Legends and weapons.

New Legend: Horizon

Meet Horizon! She’s the newest Legend, a brilliant scientist, and a master of gravity manipulation. She has a deep connection to the new arena and motivation that will tug at your heartstrings.
Horizon’s custom spacesuit allows her to fall from great heights and control her movements in the air. Using her custom technology, she can use gravity lifts to give her team a vertical boost, and she can even deploy NEWT (her small robot named after her son, Newton) to drop a micro black hole that pulls opponents into the center for some serious crowd control.
Passive: Spacewalk
Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.
Tactical: Gravity Lift
Reverse the flow of gravity, lifting players upward and boosting them outward when they exit.
Ultimate: Blackhole
Deploy NEWT to create a micro black hole that sucks in nearby Legends.

New Map: Olympus

The Legends have entered a new arena: the sky city of Olympus.
A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe, it was once a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas. However, an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the city was abandoned.
Now players can use Olympus’ luxurious amenities to their advantage. Rotating agricultural towers, beautiful gardens, and classy restaurants serve as new stages for intense skirmishes. New vehicles called Tridents give your squad a way to boost into battle and take your enemies by surprise. The Phase Runner – a tunnel of Phase energy running through the center of Olympus – lets you cross the map in seconds. And the Rift stands tall over everything, mysterious and beckoning . . .

LTM: Olympus Preview

To help you understand and explore the map without fear of getting shot, we are introducing a new playlist called Olympus Preview. This mode teams you up with 30 Legends on Olympus and allows you to roam the map to learn map drops, loot areas, and practice your routes to the end game. Circles are still on and once circle 4 finishes, players are brought back up to the plane to start the second skydive run. There are a total of 3 runs before the match ends. This mode is only available for one week. 

New Vehicle: The Trident

Exclusive to Olympus, the Trident is a hovercar designed for your whole squad.
Cruise the highways to avoid chokepoints or use the boost to soar over jumps, this thing is made to speed up those early game rotations. Drive-in third person, or ride as a passenger in the first person with full shooting capabilities. The Trident is durable, so it will never explode, but damage applied from the enemy fire will be dispersed amongst the players in the car. Don’t worry, you can still do full damage to players by hitting them directly so we expect to see some amazing Kraber shots. Disembark to park it anywhere and use it as makeshift cover in the late game.
The Trident interacts with Legend abilities in many different ways, experiment, and have fun!

Battle Pass

The Season 7 Battle Pass is all about that high fashion. Level up your Pass to unlock the skins like the Wraith “High Class” and Octane’s “Fast Fashion”.
Challenges are no longer points-based and are now granted between 1 to 5 stars, depending on their difficulty. Collecting 10 stars will take you to the next Battle Pass level. We have also added tabs to the challenges menu in the lobby that allows you to toggle between daily, top weekly, and event challenges. Within a match, players can open the map and see this same widget in-game.
For more on the changes to Challenges, check out this dev blog.
These patch notes also sow the QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATES, Map Rotations, Legend Meta, Weapon Meta, Bug Fixes, and more. visit the Apex lagend official website to get more info.

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