Assassin creed launch new trailer in 2020

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In 2020 Ubisoft launch a new Assassin creed game. Assassin creed game series is very popular all over the world and Ubisoft comes to withe new game and new logo. The assassin creed game logo is changed You see the changed logo in the poster. After the long time launch assassin creed Valhalla trailer on April 30. I’m the biggest Assassin’s Creed fan and I play almost all assassin creed games and I enjoy it.

This game graphics card best and I really play this game. This game launch date is not final but in 2020 you get this gam.

Assassin creed valhalla-

Assassin creed valhalla-
The assassin creed game poster creates live in Ubisoft North America youtube channel. But in this poster, you can’t see the character face. In this game your character is Viking. I think this game relates to the assassin creed black flag because in black flag game your character is pirate and you survive in the sea. You see the sea in the Valhalla poster. this game is incredible this game is best because you see the trailer then you play the game right now .i think they give launch date but in the trailer, they give the only year.

Assassin creed valhalla-

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