Apex Legends launch new season 5 trailar

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Apex legend is one of the best Online PC games and  Apex legend is the battle royal game and in Apex legends launch new season trailer with new character Loba, Season Quests, a bountiful new Battle Pass, and more. In season 5 we get exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, new Battle Pass content making a Season 5 debut, and more. This season starts at 5-12-2020, You download best online games free in your PC.

This season 5 relet to season4.In season 4 The revenant has three abilities Tactical Ability – Silence, Passive Ability Stalker, and Ultimate Ability – Death Totem. In season 4 the revenant gets one mission for kill Loba’s father and revenant kill her father in that time only one little childe safe and her mother and father are killed by a revenant. That little child comes back in season 5 for kill revenant. I think this is the best season as comper to all other seasons.

In this trailer, you see the new character Loba. The basic story is the revenant kills Loba’s father then Loba has come back for revenge With the help of her blue-haired friend. and Loba goes to the revenant Lab and try to kill her but that is one type of trap and then Loba fight with robots and destroy the revenant Lab.then after Loba see all characters.

Loba’s Special Abilities-

In this trailer, i see sum powers like Loba carry one bracelet That bracelet is translocating devices. Throwing the disc-shaped device, allows her to warp to that particular location. and another power is in the stick , The Loba carries one stick and in a trailer you see the stick power. Loba uses the cane’s translocation technology to teleport a robot’s assault rifle into her hands. Last but not least, Loba uses some sort of explosive device.

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