windows 10 download and Install in your PC or laptop at home

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You Build a PC at home and you build pc but you don’t know about windows 10 download and installation. How to windows 10 download and install on my PC. Windows installation is free os cost. That is not a difficult workflow sum steps show ib below and easy to install windows.

First, you get two requirements for windows 10 download and install
1.Working system (for the download windows)
2.pandrive(for install the windows in a new PC )

Step -1 Download windows

First, you download the windows. You click the link then you go on Microsoft page and click Download tool now then download the small size exe file. Full download exe file then click that downloaded exe file then after click set up. then open another page. They ask some questions show in photos. You select creat installation media because you download windows for other PC.

Then select language, architecture, and edition.

Then after you choose which media to use

Then after start download(download windows that depend on your speed)then after download windows click the finish button

the download process is over.

step -2 Installation of windows

1. After the downloading process, time to install windows in new pc or old pc. For the old pc only you click the restart button and new PC you start PC then you go boot priorities you in old PC get old windows to download in SSD or HDD and see a Pendrive. You go in the exit menu and select your Pendrive and you go windows set up page. In setting up the page you select the language to install, time and currency format and keyboard or input method after you select these requirements then click next and you go for the install now button.

Then the next page is windows activation. You buy the OEM key or retail key for your windows.that key are very costly but you buy sum trusted website in chip price otherwise you cant get window key then you click (i don’t have product key)and you go for the next page.

Then after you select the operating system you went to install. Witch operating system you install that depends on you. Then click next button

The next step is what type of installation do you went to. Hear tow types of installation 1. Upgrade select costume and then select where do you go to install windows.

2. How to mack partition?

You use the old partition that’s ok but in the new PC, you mack new partition for new windows.

(NOTE-F or the old PC you delete all partition then you lose all data from your PC. That old data are important then you must get back up. For a new PC you can’t get back up you mack partition easily.)

Mack partition they depend on your storage on your PC. Partition is in MB. You click the NEW button.EX- I mack 300 GB partition then this 300 GB convert in MB 300 GB = 300000 MB then click notification pop up then click OK. You click OK then you get tow partition first one is primary and another one is the system partition. You mack other partition that depends on you but you mack another one partition. you click next

You mack partition then after you select a partition for install windows. You select a partition to install the windows then click next. Then your work is finish. Windows installation is started then automatically restart your PC. Then ready to use these new windows.

(54) How to install WINDOWS 10 (Step by step, with no steps skipped) - YouTube - Google Chrome 18-03-2020 19_36_10
(54) How to install WINDOWS 10 (Step by step, with no steps skipped) - YouTube - Google Chrome 18-03-2020 19_36_21

Then windows get some basic info about you like country, a keyboard layout, etc. Then you create a Microsoft account, you have an account already that’s fine but you can’t have Microsoft account then mack in, or you can’t mack Microsoft account then you click offline button for use offline. Your windows are ready to use.

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