Gainward confirms Four models of Phoenix series GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 graphics cards-

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Recently Videocardz spotted that the Gainward publishes the specifications of the upcoming GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards on her website. In website of Gainward, They listed a Total of four models GPU- 2 variants of Geforce RTX 3090 and 2 variants of Geforce RTX 3080 models have gone live. In this week we got lots of photographs of the Geforce RTX 30 series graphics card from Asus ROG STRIX, and Zotac.
The GeForce RTX 3090 and Geforce RTX 3080 Phoenix will be available in GS (Golden semple) and non-GS (Golden semple) variants. The Golden semple models are GPU factory-overclocked with no changes to the memory speed. Both SKUs feature the same cooler which comes with a triple-fan design and 2.7-slot.
We also know that the cards is using the 7nm Ampere fabrication process, but there is no information on Foundry yet.
  • Gainward GeForce RTX 3090 Phoenix (Golden semple)
  • Gainward GeForce RTX 3090 Phoenix ( non-Golden semple)
  • Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phoenix (Golden semple)
  • Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phoenix (non-Golden semple)

Phoenix series two variants of GeForce RTX 3090 and 2 variants of RTX 3080 graphics cards, specifications-

In the Gainward websites also confirm the specifications of the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 models. They listed two Variant of Gainward GeForce RTX 3090 ( GS, non-GS ).
The flagship Phoenix RTX 3090 graphics cards feature 5248 CUDA cores and 24GB of GDDR6X memory with 384-bit interface. These two variants will also require dual 8-pin power connectors and 350W of power. The clock speeds for the RTX 3090 non-GS model are 1695 MHz while the RTX 3090GS overclocked model up to 1725 MHz. We all know about The Founder addition of the Nvidia RTX 30 series use a 12-pin power connector.

MSI Announces MPG GF series Power Supplies with Support Latest NVIDIA Graphics Cards

MSI listed The Three models of MPG GF series power supply – A650GF, A750GF, and A850GF. This MPG series Power supply support all the way to the latest NVIDIA graphics cards.
Two Variant of Gainward Phoenix GeForce RTX3080 Phoenix ( GS, non-GS ) features 10 GB of GDDR6X memory with the 320-bit interface. This RTX 3080 Phoenix graphics card has 4352 CUDA cores. This model has a Total Graphics Power of 320W. The clock speeds for the Phoenix RTX 3080 non-GS model are 1710 MHz while the RTX 3080 GS faster model GPU clock speed up to 1740 MHz.
Source- Videocardz

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