GALAX launches LEGO-inspired GeForce RTX 3090 GAMER GPU

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GALAX has announced its GAMER custom model of Geforce RTX 3090 shear by Expreview. This RTX 3090 GAMER GPU is a triple-slot and triple-fan (3 x 90mm) design with one of the king shroud imitating LEGO building blocks.
The RTX 3090 GAMER Graphics card comes with defiant colors: black, red, and blue. The new RTX 3090 GAMER Graphis Card does not look aggressive at all, in fact, the color choice and shroud design are looking like a Nintendo Switch portable gaming console.
This Graphics card has 3 x Display Port and 1 x HDMI 2.1. In terms of the power supply interface, you can see that the GALAXY RTX 3090 GAMER Graphics card has a dual 8 Pin power supply interface, the same as the public version.

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