AMD Ryzen processor overclocking?

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Normally we can’t overclock the amd ryzen processor but in case you get better performance then you overclock the amd ryzen processor. Before you overclock you get sum awareness in overclocking the processor.

Before you start overclocking you must buy the thread party air cooler or liquid cooler. A most important part is you can’t try overclocking the use of the stock cooler.
If you do any mistake in overclocking then your processor is destroyed.

You can’t do overclock and you can’t do any mistake then you go to PC stores and pay money to overclock. You have confidence and you do the overclocking then follow this step see bellow.

Before you start overclocking you have some components

  • The first component is bought the better cabinet because in overclocking CPU temperature is high that way you get better airflow in your cabinet.

  • You buy the thread party air cooler or liquid cooler to decrease the temperature of the processor.

  • You overclock in windows then you get Ryzen master software. I suggest overclocking processor in bios

  • You download AIDA64EXTREME for checking your processor temperature


step 1

Before you overclock your processor you download the AMDOVERDRIVE.

step 2
before you download AMD overdrive then torn off the pc and start again and constantly click delete button then open bios.

step 3
after you go on bios then click the overclock option (OC). First, you change the CPU core voltage for overclocking your CPU cor voltage is 1.3125V for overclocking in 4GHZ.

STAPafter 4
You are overclocking in 4GHz then you go CPU ratio and type 40 and then go to settings and click save changes and reboot then after click yes and then your PC is started. the work of the bio is finish.

step 5
After finish bios work then you see your windows and then you check your CPU temperature. Open the AIDA64EXTREME in this software you see your CPU stress. this stress is checked around 5 to 7 min. in 5 min your CPU temperature is increased in 85c then your overclocking is unsuccessful. After you overclock you CPU and your temperature under 85c then your overclocking is in normal but you can’t overclock 4.1 &4.2 in this two case but in stable condition, your CPU temperature is around 50 to 60c you think about 4.1 and 4.2.

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