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The power supply unit is use in your desktop and This type of components are futureproofing because in future you build another gaming PC or gaming as well as streaming PC build that time you use the old PSU but In this time you buy PSU without futureproofing then you can’t use that PSU in future. The most important part is the witch power supply(PSU) you buy for your PC. How to select Power supply (PSU) and how much required wattage in your pc components. How to calculate the required power for your PC.

Power supply unit is provide power in your PC components and in this PSU you get many types like 80 plus whit,80 plus bronze,80 plus silver, 80 plus gold,80 plus platinum and last one is 80 plus titanium. You can’t buy the chipper power supply. In the market or another website, the Chipper PSU price is low and that PSU quality is very bed, they use chains and chip capacitors and sell chip prices. You buy only branded PSU because of that PSU gives better performance as a camper chipper PSU.
brands – Corsair,Circle, Thermaltech,Coolermaster and etc.

I suggest the sum power supply (PSU) below.

  • Tow types of select the PSU 


        2.require power supply (PSU)

  • First, the requirement of your PC components, how much required power for your PC. Calculate the required power for your PC.

  • Power rails are the most important part fo your PSU. You use 12V rail power rail for a simple PC you get 18A 12V rail and you use graphics card on your PC then you get 24A 12V rail

  • you check the efficiency of your PSU, the power supply converts AC to DC current. power convert AC to DC that time you lose some power as heat.

  • Six type efficiency like 80 PLUS,80 PLUS BRONZE,80 PLUS SILVER,80 PLUS GOLD,80 PLUS PLETINUM,80 PLUS TITANIUM.

  • You go for high efficiency than cost are also increase

  • Another point is continuous/peak-power.

  • peak power means maximum power in that time give buy PSU

  • The main part is continuous means PSU gives 100% power in any situation

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Corsair VS550




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