Info about CPU cooling: air cooler and liquid cooler

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Air cooler and liquid cooler-

CPU is the brain of your PC. The AMD or INTEL use without any cpu cooler unit like air cooling and liquid cooling then the CPU is a fire in 10 sec. Most improtant part for gaming and streaming, you use CPU. The CPU need heatsink to decrease the heat in the CPU. The heatsink is an aluminum block with a fan that secretly makes contact with CPU.

Heatsink’s purpose is to increase the surface area of the CPU so that it can mack more air contact for cooling as well as you use for heat distribution. Larg area of heatsink they increase the cooling ability. Heatsink connects with CPU then the heat is distributed. At the top of heatsink well be a fan. The fan is used to decrease the heat from the heatsink. This type of cooling that is call Air cooling.

The most important part is to apply the thermal paste in the CPU before attaching the heatsink. The thermal compound is used to fill in the microscopic air gaps between the heatsink and CPU.

And the majority public uses air cooler. All the processors are come with hearing capable air cooler that’s called stock cooler bu the stock cooler is not much better as comper to the third party air cooler because in other third party air cooler give large heatsink and fans for better performance and better price. This third party air cooler is costly as comper to the stock cooler.

Gaming and streaming PC build under 60,000 price

Gaming and streaming RGB PC build around 1,00,000

Ryzen gaming PC build parts in 25,000

In 2020 best budget gaming PC build in 20,000

liquid cooler-

The liquid cooling is the best option to decrease the heat from CPU but the most important part is the price. The liquid cooler is very costly as comper to the stock cooler and another air cooler. In liquid cooler instruments like pump, radiator, and hosing. attach the pump in CPU and the second part is the radiator and the pump and radiator connect with hosing. Inside the liquid cooler circulate the liquid throughout in entire unit. The high heat required to come in radiator then the liquid heat is decrease using a radiator fan, this cycle is repeated constantly.

Liquid cooling is used in high-performance computer and you buy high-cost PC then you go for liquid cooling. For the gaming and streaming and other multi-tasking work and you overclock then you must be bought liquid cooling. And in summer environment heat is high then you buy the third party air cooler or liquid cooler.

In 2020 you buy the budget-friendly brand they sell the liquid cooling in batter price. In summer you get third party air cooler or liquid cooler. your cost is high then you must go for a liquid cooler for better performance.

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