Info about PC components

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You buy PC components

Full info about PC build,how to select PC components and witch specification you see in components.There are sum specification you check on your PC components.

Before you build a PC, you check pc components specification. How to select components for your pc build and witch specification you get for your pc.

In pc, you buy many components like Motherboard, Processor, RAM, PSU(power supply unit), storage(SSD/HDD), graphics card and Cabinet. These components are getting sum specifications, witch one you buy that depends on you. How to select pc components for your pc build.


Before you buy the motherboard you check specs sown in below.

  • You check the chipset of the motherboard(buy the latest chipset)

  • Check latest bios updated

  • Check latest gen processor support

  • RAM support( DDR3, DDR4, etc.)

  • The most important part is the budget



The processor is a hart of your pc. You buy AMD OR INTEL, you buy a processor for gaming as well as streaming then go for AMD processor and you only play games then go for INTEL processor. You buy a processor for working purpose then you go anyone.

  • Check gen(generation) of processor

  • Check the base clock and max boost clock speed

  • Check cores and threads ( 6core 6thread)

  • Check multithreading enable or not

Brand – AMD and INTEL


  • check RAM size (4gb,8gb,16gb)

  • check memory technology ( ddr3,ddr4)

  • Check memory speed (2400GHz,2600GHz,3000GHz)

  • Only buy branded RAM

Brand-Corsair, ADATA, HyperX

4.Graphics card

A graphics card is the most important part of your pc. the graphics card is used for gaming and graphic work.

  • Check video memory (GDDR5, GDDR6)

  • Check HDMI/DVI/DISPLAY ports.

  • check memory bus 

  • Check memory speed (4gb,8gb,12gb,)

  •  Check CUDA cores


5.Storage (SSD/HDD)

SSD/HDD is used for download windows in SSD because SSD speed is very high and HDD is used for normal storage.


  • Check space in SSD (120gb,500gb,1tb)

buy the branded company SSD


  • Check space in HDD 

  • Buy branded compony

      BRAND SSD- Adata, Samsung, Kingston, WD,

                HDD-WD, SEAGATE

6.Power supply (PSU)-

PSU is used for voltage purposes, hear sum one buy cheapest PSU from the market because they give the cheapest price, you can’t buy chips PSU.

  • Check efficiency

  • Check the wattage of PSU

Brand-corsair, Circle, Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Antec


This component can’t be specified because that depends on your choice, witch cabinet you buy. You can’t buy a cheap cabinet

Brand-Antec, Corsair, ANT Esports, Cooler master,

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