Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop processors Pictured leak

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Recently we got the first pictures of Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop processors that have been leaked by YuuKi_Ans at Bilibili
The locker shows two chips sitting within a CPU tray and According to Yuuki, these are the 11th Gen Core Desktop Processors which we know are officially codenamed as Rocket Lake. These CPUs will feature the same socket as the current Comet Lake-S series (LGA1200). The 11th Gen processors, which Intel officially confirmed last week to launch next year.
The 11th Gen Core family will replace the existing 10th Gen Core processors family. The upcoming CPUs feature brand new Cypress Cove core architecture and deliver some insanely fast clocks. These CPUs also feature next-generation Xe-LP graphics. The processors will have more than 20 CPU PCIe lanes that will now support the 4.0 standard, a major upgrade from the 10th Gen core series.
The CPUs will work on existing 400-series motherboards, but the board makers are already working on new 500 series motherboards with full compatibility for 11th gen core processors.

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