New Valorant Agent 14 Leaked, Name, abilities, and Release Date

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New Valorant Agent 14
Recently the new Valorant agent has been leaked on Reddit that revealing all four abilities and a possible name: Yoru. The leak includes footage of the soon-to-be-released Episode 2 agent demonstrating his abilities in the Valorant training mode. There are still no official confirmations from Riot Games about this new agent Yoru. 
VALORANT’s new agent is going to release in VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1, which is scheduled for January 12, 2021.


  • Z: Creates steps sound. Press Fire to send it ahead. Or pre-place it with Alt-Fire, then press F to send inactive one ahead.
  • X: Flash. Press Fire to throw it, it will pop after contacting with surface.
  • C: Press ability button to place Portal, Press Fire to send Portal ahead, Anchor Portal with Alt-Fire. Press Activate to teleport through the Portal.
  • Q (Ultimate): Press Fire to become invisible for enemies and invulnerable. (I suppose they still can hear you).

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