NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ashes Of The Singularity 4K Benchmarks Leaked-

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Recently we got leaks of GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards from the Ashes of the Singularity database and discovered by @_rogame. The RTX 3080 graphics card is possibly currently being tested by a reviewer. As per the previous report, The next-generation Ampere graphics card achieved more than 70% higher performance As comper to the Turing flagship Graphics card, the Geforce RTX 2080 Ti.

The RTX 3080 features a 100% improvement in CUDA cores compared to the RTX 2080 Ti and this is something that should easily translate into slightly less than double the gaming performance in most titles with very little optimization. This, however, for some reason, does not appear to be the case in this single data point. The RTX 3080 coupled with an Intel Core i9 9900K (which is a very capable CPU) produces just over 88 frames in 4K with a score of 8700.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics card Is 68% Faster Than RTX 2080 On Average, In OpenCL & CUDA Benchmarks, In Some Cases Up To 2X Faster
I do wish to iterate again here that there could be multiple reasons why this is not even close to being indicative of final performance: for one we don’t know the clock speed this was run at. We don’t even know for sure if this is the actual RTX 3080 (AotS scores are not impossible to fake). In fact, this score is just about the same as a highly overclocked RTX 2080 Ti which leads us to believe that this is actually an RTX 2080 Ti masquerading as an RTX 3080.

RTX 2080 Ti (best) 89.7 fps (128.51%)
RTX 3080 88.3 fps (126.50%)
RTX 2080 (best) 69.8 fps (100%)

PS: keep in mind we don't know the clocks for 2080 Ti/2080 pic.twitter.com/qL446gwpTv

— _rogame (@_rogame) September 7, 2020

I was able to get some stock results thanks to #SiliconGang members ūüėĀ

RTX 3080 88.3 fps (126.16%)
RTX 2080 Ti stock 69.99 fps (100%)
RTX 2070 stock 46.9 fps
RX 5700 XT stock 45.5 fps https://t.co/GNXOCLUgiw pic.twitter.com/uesfOUm5I7

— _rogame (@_rogame) September 7, 2020

As you can see this particular RTX 3080 scores around 27% more than a bone stock RTX 2080 Ti, which is a performance increase that can be achieved just by using very high clock rates and a closed-loop liquid-cooled. The performance shown here absolutely does not make sense considering the RTX 3080 rocks 100% more CUDA cores. If this score is true, then there is something very wrong happening in this test, either through the driver stack or through the software stack. Our money, however, is on this benchmark being fabricated.

Specs of Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics card officially launches on September 17th. They feature 10GB ultra-fast GDDR6X memory across a 320-bit bus interface. The GeForce RTX 3080 features 8704 CUDA cores. The memory clocked at 19 Gbps resulting in 760 GB/s of maximum bandwidth. NVIDIA confirmed that the RTX 3080 graphics card features a boost clock of 1.71 GHz, which gives a maximum FP32 performance of 29.7 TFLOPs.The price of this model has been set to 699 USD and in India 51000 rupees.

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