How to update bios in motherboard

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You have the latest processor and you attach with the old motherboard and your motherboard is not able to support your latest technology processor then what to do. In this time you choose two ways 1. You buy a new motherboard. 2. You update the bios of your motherboard.

You have your old PC and you invest all money in the processor and you cant invest money in the motherboard then what to do. you consider the second option is bios update.

The first thing is you are a new one in this process then you face some problem but you follow these steps then you complete this process easily. You understand my step then after you get to start the process without any info you can’t update bios. You can’t understand how to update letest bios then you go on expert in better price otherwise submit motherboard in your brand serves cantar and that is free of cost.


  • You are starting the bios process and electricity cut in your area then your motherboard is destroyed then that motherboard can’t work.

requirements for update bios –

  1. Pendrive

  2. internet connection

  3. you have another processor they support on the old motherboard

  4. your motherboard

You get any brand of motherboard for a update letest  buios and any chipset like AMD chipset motherboard, Intel motherboard.

Tow way to update bios in your motherboard

  1. Windows through

  2. use of Pendrive


Step – 1

Before you download bios you read notes on your motherboard brand website. First, you download the latest bios for your motherboard then after extract that zip file and cope that extract file in Pendrive.

step – 2

Turn off your PC and then after start again your pc. before you start PC you must connect Pendrive in your PC.

Step -3

You start your PC then you see the popup your brand of the motherboard that time you see some key in bellow in gigabyte you see like



  3. F12- BOOT MENU


RYZEN 3rd Gen on B450_B350_A320 _ How to Update BIOS _ FULL GUIDE [ HINDI ] - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox 10-04-2020 21_39_13 (2)

In gigabyte, you get this key to click but in other motherboards, you get other keys to click. In gigabyte, you click DEL( DELETE) key then you go in M.I.T. In M.I.T you see bellow you get down arrow click that arrow and get the option to Q-FLASH.


After you click Q-FLASH you get two option to select

  1. Update bios

  2. Save bios

You click update bios then you select the extract bios file and click it. Then after click press to start and then after automatically start update process.

 ASUS Motherboard

1.Windows through-

Step 1 –
You download the latest bios on your motherboard brand official website. You download the latest bios for your motherboard.

After download the latest bios then after running the motherboard utility you select the option to update bios and select the update bios extract the file. You select the file then your bios are updated easily.

ex- ASUS motherboard

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2.Use of Pendrive –

Step 1-
You download the latest bios on your motherboard brand official website. You download the latest bios for your motherboard.

After download the latest bios then you copy the latest bios file in Pendrive boot to bios. you get one option in your motherboard is advance mode. After selecting the advance option then you get an update bios option click that option and select the pen drive and select the letest bios file. After selecting the file, they verifying and automatically update letest bios  .

MSI motherboard

First, you download the latest bios on MSI official website. After start PC then click the DELETE key. In MSI bios update similar to gigabyte motherboard but gigabyte, you click Q-FLASH and in MSI you click M-FLAS.then after you select extract zip file then automatically start update and restart your PC automatically..

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